OBZS-30 Stainless EZ-Curl Bar (USA)

Ivanko's Best EZ-Curl Bar!

OBZS-30 Stainless EZ-Curl Bar (USA)

NOTE: Current run of bars are electro-polished stainless.

100% Made in the USA. Stainless Steel Bar & Sleeves. No Welds. No Bolts. No End Play ("slop"). Perfectly Balanced.

You'll immediately feel the IVANKO difference when you hold this bar in your hands compared to other bars on the market.  Our EZ-Curl Bar is in perfect alignment.  The sleeves are parallel to each other.  The bend is about 40 degrees, a full 10 degrees more than most other bars.

+ 218,000 P.S.I. rated Stainless Steel.
+ Mag Tested.
+ Ultra-Sonic Tested.
+ Length: 5 feet, 7 inches.
+ Diameter:  1-1/8".
+ Weight 30.30 lbs
+ Made in U.S.A. 

Note:  A regular steel version (OBZ-55) of this bar is also available.


OBS-30 $708.50

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