OBT-20KG Olympic Bar, 20kg, Training (IWF Knurling) USA

OBT-20KG Olympic Bar, 20kg, Training (IWF Knurling) USA

An extra-high strength precision Olympic bar.

A Great all-around Cross-training bar.

  • + 200,000+ P.S.I. rated.
  • + Mag tested.
  • + Ultra-sonic tested.
  • + X-ray tested.
  • + Special straightness specified (Less than .006/ft. T.I.R.)
  • + Extremely accurate weight (within 1/2 oz.)
  • + Ground and polished.
  • + Beautiful black oxide finish.
  • + 28mm diameter.
  • + Stainless steel version (OBS-20KG) also available.
  • + Knurling conforms to IWF specifications, except that we've ditched the center knurl.

If you're considering our OBT-20KG, you'll want to see our OBZ-55 curl bar. We believe this Olympic EZ-Curl bar is the finest available today.

n.b. Chemical analysis of this bar is specified by Ivanko engineers and made to our specifications direct at a precision steel mill -- subject, of course, to our final testing and approval. Because of the time and research devoted to the development of this product, exact bar chemistry is not offered as consumer knowledge.


OBT-20KG $550.00

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