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Ivanko Rolling Mirror Stands for Glassless Mirrors

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Part No.Description Price
RMS-22' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-2)$ 115.00
RMS-33' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-3)$ 130.00
RMS-44' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-4)$ 150.00
RMS-55' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-5)$ 160.00
RMS-66' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-6)$ 170.00
RMS-88' Rolling Mirror Stand (RMS-8)$ 325.00


Our Rolling Mirror Stands are low rolling frames for glassless mirror panels that puts your Glassless Mirror on wheels for mobility around the gym, pilates, yoga & dance studio.  Mirror is elevated about 4" off the floor. Can be removed from the stand if necessary.  Multiple mirror stands can be easily "nested" to save space and keeps things "tidy".

+  High Quality, Made in U.S.A from U.S. steel/aluminum.
+  Our unique design adds structural integrity to the mirror.
+  Elevates the Mirror about 4" from floor (optional "high" stand available).
+  "Nestable" for easy storage.
+  Available for 2-6 ft & 8 ft Mirrors.
+  Quality made in USA from U.S. steel/aluminum.
+  Shipping included in 48 United States.  Reasonable rates to HI & AK.

Weight: RMS-2 6 lbs; RMS-3 6-1/4 lbs; RMS-4 6-3/4 lbs; RMS-5 7-1/4 lbs; RMS-6 8 lbs; RMS-8 9 lbs