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IVANKO ForeArm Hammer, FH-18

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Great for doing leverage work and strengthening the wrist for golf, baseball, football and other sports.  Extra-long rubber handle allows user to adjust "grip", moving hand & wrist up or down handle to adjust leverage and balance.  Makes a great compliment to the Ivanko Super Gripper.

+  Solid steel 1" round w/welded inside collar.
+  Takes "standard" (Non-Olympic) plates w/1" to 1-1/16" hole, not included.
+  Over-all Length:  18"
+  Plate loading length: 5"
+  Enough room for several plates.
+  Collar includes (C-1/2 w/copper-tipped lever bolt).
+  Durable chrome-plated finish.
+  Weight:  5-1/4 lbs