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HUB, for Hummer Tire

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Low profile (each)$ 100.00
Regular profile (each)$ 100.00


Designed to fit a Hummer Tire Rim, the IVANKO Hummer Hub is the same design used for the IVANKO Hummer Tire Dead Lift in the inaugural Arnold Strongman Classic.  

Great for parking lot lifts, competitions on the asphalt where bumpers would otherwise be used, and general lifting mayhem.  Fits on an Olympic bar sleeve.  Smaller plates can "nest" within the rim.  Tire takes the brunt of drop.

+  8" Over-All Diameter
+  1.965" through-bore
+  0.656" x 8 places for attaching via lug nuts.
+  Finish:  High Profile m:  raw steel or black oxide; Low Profile: hard chrome.
+  High profile:  original design for the Arnold - 16 lbs 6 oz each.
+  Low profile:  new design, more discreet.  Just as stout. 8 lbs 5 oz each.
+  Postpaid within the U.S.A.