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Fixed Dumbbell Set -(Individual pairs) Cast-Iron, Machined Plates W/Machined, Black-Oxide End Plate | RM/EP-1.5

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Part No.Description Price
RM/EP-1.5/55LB Pair$ 93.50
RM/EP-1.5/7.57.5LB Pair$ 98.00
RM/EP-1.5/1010LB Pair$ 143.00

+ 30mm drop forged #1026 handle.
+ Grade 8 custom-fabricated bolts.
+ Machined, cast-iron, poly-baked plates.
+ Machined steel end plates, black-oxide finish.
+ 5 & 7-1/2 lb. dumbbells not available with end plates.
+ Assembled in the USA.

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