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Olympic Machined E-Z Lift Plate w/Round Openings | OMEZH

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Part No.ColorDiameterThicknessPrice
OMEZH-25Gray12-3/16"1-1/2"$ 65.50
OMEZH-35Gray14-15/16"1-1/2"$ 88.50
OMEZH-45Gray17-3/4”1-1/2"$ 112.00
OMEZH-100Gray17-3/4”2-1/2"$ 258.50

IVANKO'S  patented E-Z lift Plate features a traditional, round shape, multi-opening, E-Z Lift design.

Our OMEZH plates incorporate 7 round openings, not just two or three. These extra openings dramatically improve handling off the floor and on and off all machines or bars. IVANKO E-Z Lift plates are the same diameter as conventional round Olympic plates and easily integrate with existing plates in the facility.

All of the round openings on IVANKO cast-iron plates have smooth radii and rounded edges for maximum comfort and safety while grabbing the plates. Because they are round, there  are no sharp "points" or "edges" to cut floors and damage equipment as with "anti-roll" designs. IVANKO'S rounded, contour shape of the plate conforms better to the had, making it easier to carry. We round all edges to make it more comfortable to hold onto.

Available in baked-on, polyester based hammer tone grey painted finish.

  • + Available in 45lb., 35lb., 25lb. sizes.
  • + Companion 10lb., 5lb., & 2.5lb. & 1.25lb. sizes available in IVANKO OM style without grip holes.

IVANKO E-Z LIFT  designs are also available with slots (OMEZS), in rubber (ROEZH), and in urethane (OUEZ).


NOTE: These  cast iron plates are manufactured by sand casting. They are not machined from a solid billet. Due to the inherent nature of the sand casting process, no two plates are exactly alike. Variations will occur. Among these variations are surface consistency and porosity. These variations do not constitute defects, but are inherent to the casting process.


OMEZH-25 12-3/16 1-1/2 $65.50
OMEZH-35 14-15/16 1-1/2 $88.50
OMEZH-45 17-3/4 1-1/2 $112.00
OMEZH-100 17-3/4 2-1/2 $258.50


OM-1.25 5-1/4" 1/2" $10.00
OM-2.5 6-7/16" 5/8" $12.50
OM-5 7-3/4" 7/8" $17.00
OM-10 9" 1-1/4" $31.00