Care & Maintenance of Rubber Dumbbells

  • To clean & condition our rubber products, we use SP-80.  This is a set of rubber care products which we think offer good results.  We have used the product for over twenty-five years.  You can find the product here.
  • Apply SP-80 Cleaner (blue label) directly on to rubber. Start with one side of the dumbbell.
  • Work into rubber with a rag by wiping down all areas liberally.
  • Leave a light coat of cleaner to soak into rubber on one side of the dumbbell. Then go to the other side and begin the same procedures 1 and 2.
  • Wipe the first side clean of excess SP-80 Cleaner.
  • After wiping off all the SP-80 Cleaner,  apply the SP-80 Conditioner (black label).  Follow the same steps four steps.
  • This procedure should be done as normal maintenance, every 30-60 days depending on the size of the club.
  • You can purchase SP-80 Cleaner and Conditioner through our website.  It works for all Ivanko rubber products, including plates.  You may find that other high-quality care products will do the job as well.  However, we suggest you avoid Armor-All spray.  In our experience, it dries out the rubber.


  • Our Brass Number Plates are made of aluminum with a anodized brass finish. 
  • Replacement number plates may be obtained from our parts supplier, National Gym Supply at
  • It is important to follow these instructions so that the numbers do not fall off.
  • Rough up the recessed area where the numbers go by sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper.
  • Clean the area with a little lacquer thinner.
  • Remove the backing from the numbers and apply super glue in the recessed area.
  • Put a few drops of super glue on the backs of the numbers.
  • Press the numbers into the recessed area.
  • After the number has set (about 24 hrs.) you can remove the protective plastic on the front of the brass plate, which is there to prevent oxidation and scratches.
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