IVANKO Super Gripper Instructions

IVANKO Super Gripper Instructions


IVANKO Super Gripper Instructions
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Your SUPER GRIPPER has been designed to give you the widest possible range of resistance settings from 8 pounds (FIG. 1) to 125 pounds (FIG. 2). To change the resistance settings, move the springs by twisting slightly (one end at a time) this raises the spring hook out of the notch. Then slide the spring hook to the next notch (FIG. 3).

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 1

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 2

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 3


This unique SUPER GRIPPER embodies the principle of graded resistance recognized by all leading physical culturists as the best means for developing strength.
Simply start with the resistance setting you can handle easily and, as your grip develops, increase the resistance.

1. Support the SUPER GRIPPER frame with one hand (FIG. 4). With the other hand squeeze the two handles together until they meet with an audible "click" (FIG. 5). Repeat ten times without stopping.

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 4

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 5

2. Change the SUPER GRIPPER to the opposite hand and repeat the exercise.

3. After a short rest, repeat the exercise two or more times each exercise day. Two exercise periods per week suggested.

Use this resistance setting until you have increased in strength to the point where you are able to do 15 repetitions regularly. It is then time to increase the resistance by moving the springs up a notch or two.

An excellent variation exercise may be done by turning the apparatus upside down (FIG. 6).

Ivanko super gripper instruction figure 6

Your SUPER GRIPPER is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship.

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