Ivanko Olympic Bar Sleeve Snap Ring Kit Instructions

Ivanko Olympic Bar Sleeve Snap Ring Kit Instructions


(OB-20KG, OBX-20KG, OBS-20KG and various OBZ)

Ivanko’s Snap Ring Kit (SRK) consists of precision, custom parts. We machine or specify these fasteners to fit your bar. Each part is designed to fit your Olympic bar within the specific tolerances. Note: one sleeve takes one SRK; therefore, each bar takes two kits.


1. Two thrust washers [Washer]
2. One small external snap ring [Ext-S/R] 3. One large internal retaining ring [Int-S/R] 4. One expansion plug [End-Cap]

Ivanko SRK Snap Ring Kit contents for olympic bar


1. Eye protection
2. Narrow pry bar or heavy-duty screwdriver.
3. Snap-ring pliers
4. SAE 20 weight non-detergent oil (ideal) or 3-in-1TM oil.
5. 2” dia. Wooden dowel or 2” x 4” block of wood.
6. Hammer (Rubber or urethane dead blow hammer optional).


Using lacquer thinner or acetone, wipe down the bar and sleeve (particularly the machined groove at end and within sleeve end) free of debris, dirt and grease. If necessary, use compressed air. It is imperative that the groove at end of bar and within sleeve collar assembly be clean to achieve superior fit of components.

FOLLOW THESE STEPS IN ORDER (Reverse for removal):

Ivanko SRK Snap Ring Kit assembly diagram

1. Put a drop or two of oil on the sleeve’s brass bushing and slide the sleeve ontobarabout6inchespastthebar’sexternalsnapringgroove. Thesleeve should spin freely.

2. Slide on first of two washers.

3. Insert the Ext-S/R (i.e. small ring) in the bar groove using pliers. Open ring the bare minimum it takes to get on the bar. If you open it too much, you may compromise the fastener. The Ext-S/R should fit perfectly and thus be seated all the way into the groove.

4. Slide on second of two washers on bar and up against the Ext-SR.

5. Slide the sleeve back toward the end of the bar until it rests against the Ext-SR; the sleeve should cover the Ext-S/R and external washer.

6. Using your pliers, insert the Int-S/R in the sleeve-end groove (this recessed groove is right at the end of the sleeve), making sure Int-S/R is seated in the sleeve groove.

7. Once seated, the Int-S/R should fit perfectly and the sleeve should now spin freely.

8. Next install the expansion plug (End-Cap).

The expansion plugs (End-Cap) is designed to be a “press fit” into sleeve end. Though the main function is cosmetic, the End-Cap also serves to keep out debris.


1. While we use a specially designed tool to seat the end plug, you can install the plug by gently tapping the plug (with a rubber/urethane mallet) around the edges until the plug is intially seated in the opening of the sleeve. If you have to use a regular hammer, be careful. You don’t want to damage the sleeve.

2. Using a piece of wood cut to about the same size (or larger, e.g. 2 x 4) as the end cap, and making sure the plug is seating straight over the end of the opening of the sleeve, give the 2 x 4 a sharp blow with a mallet or a hammer.

3. Once the plug is seated, one final firm hit in the center of the plug will expand the plug to its maximum size and permanently seat it into the bar sleeve.

Note: If you find that the sleeve is too tight, you can “adjust” the cap by gently tapping the sleeve collar on the side opposite the bar’s end. This will act to push the cap out slightly – usually about 3 to 4/1000’s of an inch (the thickness of a piece of paper).


You can remove the expansion plug by inserting an alignment crow-bar (sometimescalleda“Lady’sFoot”crow-bar–thoughascrewdrivermaybeused in a pinch) in the hole of the plug, and using leverage, pry it out. You may have to destroy the plug to remove it.


29mm bar takes an SRK-29mm. Older Ivanko bars take three thrust washers (instead of two). If you require an additional washer, we can include it within the kit. Our US-Made OB-84 takes a shoulder bolt in the sleeve. Our older, imported Olympic EZ-Curl bars (OBZ-20, 30, 40) take a shoulder bolt. We maintain an inventory of most of these parts should you need them.

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