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We are constantly innovating and redesigning our products, so that every product in our line is at its latest stage in the pursuit of being the best it can be. We're never satisfied, never finished. Perfection is an elusive goal. But we are tireless in our efforts to get closer to it.


IUB & IUEZB Urethane Barbells & EZ-Curl Bars


Ivanko's new Urethane E-Z Lift® barbells were developed in response to a groundswell of requests for urethane barbells with the Ivanko reputation for performance and durability.

+  35mm bar in 1045 steel with hard chrome finish.
+  Available in pounds (20-110 lbs) or kilos (8-60kg).
+  Available with Ivanko Urethane custom logos.

For Ivanko Urethane dumbbells, see here.

IUB / IUEZB - Sets in Pounds

Sets in 10 lb. increments

Part No. No. in Set Desc. Price
IUB-20/110 10 Urethane Barbells $4,950.00
IUEZB-20/110 10 Urethane EZ Curl Bars $4,950.00