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Free-Standing Ballet Barres Free-Standing, Adjustable Ballet Barres

Free-Standing Ballet Barres Free-Standing Ballet Barres Free-Standing Ballet Barres Free-Standing Ballet Barres Free-Standing Ballet Barres


Two independently adjustable barres allow dancers on opposite sides to have a barre set at their own height (31" to 45".) Alvas Free-Standing Barres are the most stable and easily adjustable portable ballet barres available! They can be taken apart in seconds without tools for transport and storage.

+ Height:  31” - 45”
+ Length:  4, 6, 8, 10, 14 & 16 ft.
+ Made in Los Angeles.

To order, please see Alvas Ballet Barres or call 800.403.3447

Barres 4' to 8' long are shipped via UPS/Fedex Ground.
10' to 16' barres are shipped via either motor or air freight.

Part No. Desc. Type Price
FSB-4 Free-Standing Barre, 4' One-sided $214.00
FSB-4D Free-Standing Barre, 4' Two-sided $263.00
FSB-6 Free-Standing Barre, 6' One-sided $234.00
FSB-6D Free-Standing Barre, 6' Two-sided $290.00
FSB-8 Free-Standing Barre, 8' One-sided $276.00
FSB-8D Free-Standing Barre, 8' Two-sided $314.00
FSB-10 Free-Standing Barre, 10' One-sided $316.00
FSB-10D Free-Standing Barre, 10' Two-sided $379.00
FSB-14 Free-Standing Barre, 14' One-sided $419.00
FSB-14D Free-Standing Barre, 14' Two-sided $454.00
FSB-16 Free-Standing Barre, 16' One-sided $460.00
FSB-16D Free-Standing Barre, 16' Two-sided $507.00